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Vegan Recipes

The recipes that I use have been modified from random cookbooks or any food accounts on Instagram or Facebook and I take them and change them to a dish that is vegan and add other spices and flavorings to make it my own. One account that I go on a lot to look for recipes is Tasty Vegetarian on Facebook. Each week they have #VeganFriday and the dishes they cook look amazing and are amazing so I will share some of my favorite recipes from their as well!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.33.58 AM.png


Includes: Tofu Scramble, Breakfast Bowls, Protein Smoothies and more!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.34.31 AM.png


Includes: Salad, Roasted Veggies, Grains and more!


Includes: Burgers, Pasta, and many other cuisines with a vegan twist!